London School of Art

2015 - Atelier P. CHAVANNES - J. BADET
Concours Start for Talents. Projet d'école d'arts à Shoreditch, Londres. 

The proposal is that of an art school with a strongly interactive identity, a project that goes beyond the simply didatic function of a school. It offers students the opportunity to share with the public what hides behind the creatve process.

Wanting to open the site as much as possible to the city, allowing people to cross the site, look, inform themselves, discover new things, the project also tries to create a sense of intimacy, turning its back to the road and opening up towards the heart of the site. A place of conviviality and exchange.
Each studio space possesses a large facade of glass, allowing students to exhibit their work, creating an everchanging dialog between public and private. 

The masterplan derives directly from the urban analysis of the surrounding neighbourhood: a heterogenous collection of separated volumes. With a relatively low level of compacity, this area is less densely built than the rest of London centre. Despite this, choas still emerges from the haphazard justaposition between buildings, and the project recreates this same dialog between solid and void, modelling itself on the existing urban tissue.

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